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February 11, 2009

Roads – Cork style

Panasonic LX1, 1/100 sec, f3.2, ISO 80, 28 mm equivalent (Click to Enlarge)

This road (known locally as Priest’s Hill), is very well known to me, as the Rectory is just to the left once you get to the top (or should I say if you get to the top!) Someone somewhere in their great wisdom has decided that the speed limit for this boreen, that can barely accommodate one vehicle at a time should have a speed limit of 80km / hour (that’s about 50mph for you imperial types). Can you imagine it? It’s terrifying and a a sincere flirtation with death even at 50km! To make things even more interesting, there are many majestic roads with wide lanes and extensive hard-shoulders that have speed limits either the same as or less than the glorious track we see above. Of course we know that these are simply an arrangement between the Gardai and the Roads authorities to be a lucrative source of income for speeding fines (allegedly of course ;-)

Back to Priest’s HIll – I wonder how it got it’s name? Perhap’s because a blessing is needed before anyone dares to travel thereupon…!