Through a glass, darkly

Nikon D70s, 1/400 sec, f10, ISO 200, EV +1.3, 105mm equivalent

I suppose that because it’s Trinity Sunday in two days time I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to understand God’s nature and character. Let’s face it there are aspects of God that I can never understand much like in a similar way that my son’s goldfish will never be able to grasp (in anything other than a superficial way) who or what is looking at him swimming around his goldfish bowl. Of course God gives us glimpses of His glory and His love, this comes through each of the three Persons of the Trinity as shown to us in the Bible and in our experience in trying to live in a relationship with God and with each other. Even though we now only “see though a glass darkly”, we occasionally get glimpses of something very special in nature that show us further glimpses of the amazing God who is there. This might be in a breathtaking view from the hard-earned summit of a mountain, it may be in seeing the first light in the eyes of our new-born child or it may be something else entirely. Yesterday I had a taste of something of God in watching a school of Dolphins playing near the entrance to Cork Harbour, off Roches Point. A wonderful moment – (and very difficult to photograph too)…


2 Comments to “Through a glass, darkly”

  1. What a wonderful photo! You were very blessed with the moment. And I guess the dolphin too must have been feeling very blessed, to stand up in the water like that!

  2. Hi Joc, thank you. Yes it was a special moment that will stay with me for some time.

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