Back from holiday

Nikon D70s, f9, 1/320 sec, ISO 200, 40mm equivalent (click to enlarge)

We’re back from a great holiday in England and Wales. For the last two years we’ve had to abandon our camping holiday due to heavy rain and flooding, so it was a nice change to try to avoid getting sunburnt instead. As usual I took about a gazillion photos (well about two hundred or so), which is quite a change from when I used to think that four rolls of exposed film was a bit excessive!

For the first few days we enjoyed meeting up with relatives and friends. The above picture was taken on a walk up the embankment at Trimpley Reservoir in Worcestershire. The clouds remind me of cartoonish thought bubbles that might come from someone sitting on the bench – well it was very hot and maybe my brain was overheating a little!

One Comment to “Back from holiday”

  1. Returning from a holiday always used to leave a certain hollow feeling in me.
    Anyways glad to know that you enjoyed your holiday. UK for sure is one of most attractive and hospitable tourist place with such diverse and multicultural population which is difficult to find anywhere else. It is one of my favourite tourist destinations along with Australia and Bhutan.

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