Nikon D70s, f4.5, 1/60 sec, ISO 200, 82mm equivalent

Nikon D70s, f4.2 1/40 sec, ISO 200, 57mm equivalent

Olympus OM-1, G.Zuiko 50mm

Olympus OM-1, G.Zuiko 50mm
Olympus OM-1, G.Zuiko 50mm

June 22 was a sad day for many photographers, for it was the day that Kodak announced the “Discontinuation” of Kodachrome – perhaps the most famous slide film of all and which had been in production since 1935!

Fortuitously , just a couple of weeks earlier I had bought a roll of it to try. The results came back in the post today from Dwayne’s Photo lab in Kansas, U.S.A., via Switzerland – the only lab left in the world that does the tricky job of processing the stuff.

I have to say that from an amateur photographer’s viewpoint it’s hard to work with. You have to get the exposure spot on, there’s not the tolerance that you’d get in a normal print film. But when you do get it right the colour, sharpness, detail and dynamic range are far greater than my digital camera can come up with.

So long Kodachrome, I’m sure that many of your slides will last a lot longer than the hard drives, C.D.’s and flash drives that most of our photos are stored on these days…

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