Field of Gold

Panasonic LX1, f5.6, 1/400 sec, ISO 80, 28mm equivalent (click to enlarge)

I get to travel around in some very beautiful countryside as I go out visiting people. This field of ripening wheat caught my eye during a trip to the far side of Great Island. The wind was blowing up from the sea, moving the wheat in sea-like waves towards me. A special moment.

For those interested in the technical aspects of the photograph, I used the Gimp (a free photo editor) to mimic the effect of a ’tilt-shift’ lens. If you would like to try it yourself, here’s a helpful ‘how to’ article.

2 Comments to “Field of Gold”

  1. A lovely scene, Daniel, but I think the grain is barley, not wheat, judging by the awns on the ears!This is a dangerous time of year in these parts, and no doubt with you too, what with all the combines and tractors with trailers full of grain, careering around the boreens – do drive safely!

  2. Thanks Joc – I'm not very good at telling the difference, thanks for the tip on driving safely too – yes it can be a bit hairy at times…

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