There and back again

Panasonic LX1, 5 images @ f5.6, 1/400 sec, ISO 80, (click to enlarge)

Panasonic LX 1, f4.5, 1/250, ISO 80, 28mm equivalent, (click to enlarge)

We had a very enjoyable weekend going over to Llanelli for my Aunt and Uncle’s Golden Wedding Anniversary. It was great to see them and many other family members, some of whom I had not seen since I was a toddler! It was lovely to wake up on a Sunday morning, initially in a panic about getting ready for church- is the sermon ready, what to mention in the prayers etc. and then remember that it was not for me to worry about on this, one of my precious four Sundays off per year.

Happy childhood memories were rekindled as we took a walk around Burry Port harbour yesterday afternoon. The places where I built many sandcastles and went hunting for cockles with my Nanna and Grandad just the same as they always had been. Looking down onto the sands I could almost see myself thirty years earlier digging and building away in childhood reverie…


2 Comments to “There and back again”

  1. Daniel,I'm not sure where Cork diocese got the idea one could only have four Sundays a year – I have worked in three dioceses – Down, Connor and Dublin – and the practice in all three has been a Sunday after Christmas, a Sunday after Easter, and four Sundays in the summer.A person, who never attends church, made a snide remark about me going for a month's holiday. I turned and said, "I'll tell you what, I'll swap two weeks of my holiday for your 104 days of weekends". "Oh", she said, "I hadn't thought about it in that way".I love the Tolkien reference – Hobbits would have enjoyed a Golden Wedding party

  2. Ian I wish you hadn't told me that – I feel a bit of mutiny in the air!

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