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March 30, 2010

Road behind and ahead

Nikon D70s, f25, 1 sec, ISO 200, 60mm equivalent
Holy Week is perhaps the busiest of the year.  There are lots of visits to be made to those in Nursing Homes and the Hospital and numerous housebound parishioners, most of which (I think) appreciate a visit in the days before Easter.  It is interesting how the run-up to Easter is done slightly differently in each parish.  I’m not the sort of person to say “We’ll do it my way”, I like to learn what has happened before and try to build on that (at least that’s in theory).  
I think back over the past five months since our arrival and I have learnt so much just simply by observing how things are done and have been done here.  My predecessor was (and is) a very gifted person and also a very thoughtful one.  He has left me really helpful notes on what was done before so now for example I can look at the Holy Week services from last year and not copy them but use them as a basis for this year also.  Over time things will change as we all learn and grow together on the Journey…  
For any that are interested in the photo, it was taken as I was driving (slowly and carefully) along the road past Kilmalooda church.  I had previously set up the camera the way I wanted it – an exposure of one second to give the blur and sense of movement and a polarising filter to enable the longer shutter speed.  Of course the result may look like a mistake but it is something akin to the image I had in my mind beforehand – like an impressionist painting.