Clonakilty Agricultural Show

We had a great family outing to the Clonakilty Agricultural Show last Sunday afternoon.  I’m told that we had exceptional weather (it nearly always rains and this year we only had a light shower).  It was all very impressive, yes the displays were great and the exhibitions and the stalls and stands were really very good, but what impressed me most was the community spirit and just the sheer togetherness of everyone.

People of varying backgrounds and interests were there together and all really enjoying themselves, the winners were congratulated the losers commiserated and it just all ‘worked’.

This might all sound strange to those who are familiar with this (and other) shows, let me explain:  I grew up in a community which had strong links to the land and I remember shows in my childhood years that were just like the one here in Clonakilty (my Step Father used to almost single-handedly organise them).  But there was not the same community spirit, people wanted the show but only if they didn’t have to do much to help etc etc., you know the story and that’s why that particular show stopped many years ago.  I hope and pray that doesn’t happen here and I honestly don’t think it will, the community spirit is too strong.  Anyway I just suppose that I came across something very precious last Sunday and when I come across something that is precious I naturally want to protect it.  But I know that there is nothing to fear here…  



3 Comments to “Clonakilty Agricultural Show”

  1. I totally identify with what you are saying. I was at the launch of the Virginia Show last night (show is July 31st 2010) and it struck me how special it is. People from right across the community are involved and it's a wonderful wonderful day out. Craig

  2. Hi Craig, I remember your writing about the Virginia show last year – I look forward to reading about this years – are you entering any photos to the competition?

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