Incy wincy

I think Spiders get a bad press.  Whenever we come across them in literature (see Tolkien’s Shelob for a good example) or films (such as Arachnophobia), they are nearly always bad news – maybe they need to talk to Max Clifford!

Spider’s don’t come up too often in the Bible, though I did come across these rather sobering verses in Job chapter 8:

11 “Can papyrus reeds grow tall without a marsh?
Can marsh grass flourish without water?
12 While they are still flowering, not ready to be cut,
they begin to wither more quickly than grass.
13 The same happens to all who forget God.
The hopes of the godless evaporate.
14 Their confidence hangs by a thread.
They are leaning on a spider’s web.
15 They cling to their home for security, but it won’t last.
They try to hold it tight, but it will not endure.

The fragility of the Spider’s web is compared to those who put their trust in things other than God; real security is only found in Him.

The spider in the picture above I noticed one morning in a skylight window.  To take the picture I had to stand on a rickety old chair and hold the camera above my head at arms length – of about ten pictures I took, this was the only one in focus!  As I look at it now, part of me thinks ‘yuck’, but another part marvels at this wonderful little creature.  I would hardly call it beautiful, but it is (to me) rather fascinating and awe-inspiring.  It helps me to marvel at the One who created all things – and to thank him that I am not a fly!


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