The age-old battle

St. Michael v the devil

For everyone (and the Christian in particular) it seems that the devil is never too far away, an almost constant and most unwelcome visitor.

My mind was in a melee of thoughts: the earthquake and nuclear crisis in Japan, the people of Libya and not least my wife’s mystery illness that has seen her in hospital three times over the last few weeks (but God-willing she will be home tomorrow).  This was all going through my mind whilst I was walking along an upper corridor of the Bon Secours hospital in Cork and as I approached the top of the stairs I looked up and saw the statue that you see in the above picture (not a very good photo as I only had my mobile phone to take the picture with).

If I remember correctly, it is St. Michael the Archangel who is doing the damage.  Although it is obviously stylised I like it for it portrays in a very vivid fashion that age-old battle.  The reality of course would be altogether more spectacular; the overwhelming brilliance of God’s light against the deep darkness of the devil, purity against evil, love against hate, selflessness against selfishness (and many other polar-opposites besides).

I have to say it brought a little cheer to my day because even though the otherworldliness of this statue looks the stuff of fantasy, it is of course portraying something very real indeed.  Very real too is God’s victory, won through what the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross all those years ago…

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. (Romans 16:20)



2 Comments to “The age-old battle”

  1. … our reality is much more ambiguous.
    one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. or are they both totally wrong?

    one mans diabolical destruction of gods temple through hunger strike is an another mans selfless sacrafice for humanity

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