iPad 0.1 (an early prototype)

iPad 0.1The Not New ‘iPad’ 0.1

  • Thin, light and fast (well as fast as you can write or draw).
  • Instant on (no time lag between when you take it out of its case and being able to use this incredible multi-functional tablet device).
  • It just works (no software glitches or bugs, no online or telephone registration, no forms to fill out, no expensive contract, you’re ready to go, straight out of the box).
  • Everlasting battery life (even after years of use, the battery indicator will not even show).
  • No cameras (so no embarrassing pictures).
  • Incredible games (Noughts and Crosses / Tic Tac Toe and Hangman come as standard).
  • A very smart cover (look it even folds over).
  • All natural and 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly materials (natural wood, natural slate, natural wool cover and a natural graphite ‘stylus’)

iPad 0.1 Wow your friends and work colleagues…

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2 Comments to “iPad 0.1 (an early prototype)”

  1. Very funny Daniel. I’m reading this on April 1st & at first I thought it was your offering for this special day. If it had been, it would have been better than some of the other lame efforts I’ve come across!

    • Yes I should have waited but I was trying to find something (anything) to do rather than the work I was supposed to be doing!

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