Goodbye OM-1

Goodbye to my OM-1 :-(

I am not usually one for impulse buying (or any kind of buying for that matter) but there are a few photographic ambitions that I aspire to and one of them is to have a medium format camera.  So I was browsing the Ffordes website and came across a bargain, a Fuji GA645zi for £345…

Now I know that is fairly meaningless to a lot of people but for me it was an exciting moment (doesn’t take much though).  So it is on its way from Scotland  and I’m really looking forward to seeing if I made a huge mistake or whether it will have been a great purchase.  The main benefit will be much larger negatives of 56 x 42mm as opposed to 35 x 24mm, which means much sharper and more three-dimensional looking pictures (the bigger the negative or digital sensor in a camera the better the pictures will look, though of course it has to be a worthwhile photo in the first place!)

The downside is that I do not have that kind of spare cash so I have to sell something to make way for the new arrival.  Unfortunately it’s got to be the OM-1, a camera that will be hard to part with and I know that I will miss.  It’s up on ebay now if you fancy a bid ;-)

Here’s a few photos from the OM-1 from the last couple of years…
Stroll around the garden 2


One of my first black and white pictures…

Galley Head, Co. Cork

Had to put this last one in because it was with the now sadly discontinued Kodachrome…

Kodachrome 6


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