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June 24, 2011

Welcoming the Sunrise

Welcoming the Sunrise

On Monday I was on my way to catch the early ferry from Rosslare.  There was very little traffic so I was making good progress and had time to pull over at a viewing point on the approach to Dungarvan.  It was about 5.30 am and the sun had already been up a while but I thought it worth a photo as the colour and reflections were quite spectacular.  Not until I lifted up the camera did I notice the birds watching the sunrise; for them heralding the beginning of a new day and for me, a moment of joy at the beauty of Creation before I had to be on my way once more.






June 15, 2011

Which way?

Ballinspittle, Co. Cork

I was walking back to the car with two very hot ‘Americanos to go’, so balancing them vertically with my left hand and trying to hold the camera in my right I fired off this quick shot of the signpost in Ballinspittle. It was not until after I had taken the picture that I realised I was unwittingly entertaining some builders who were not working too hard!

Thankfully the picture came out OK, though if I were to take it again I would do so from a lower angle so as to avoid having any background other than the sky (as I think the background here is distracting).

I love those old signs with the distances in miles. Many times I can remember driving to places, and you would see a sign saying, for example, ‘Sligo 16’ and then around a couple of bends there would be another saying ‘Sligo 18’. The old signs are less clinical and have a more ‘ah sure you’ll get there soon enough’ attitude. I miss miles, kilometres are much too European for my liking!

June 8, 2011

Two hundred years old

Church of the Ascension Timoleague

Last week we had a special occasion in the life of the parish – the Bicentenary of the Church of the Ascension in Timoleague.  It was great to welcome the Bishop, the Clerks Choral choir and lots of friends and visitors.  The Bishop in his sermon reminded us that the problems faced by people two hundred years ago are not all that different to those of today – and of course the mission of the Church remains the same as it always has been, to live out and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ near and far…

June 7, 2011

Charlie Chaplin takes a coffee break…

Charlie Chaplin takes a coffee break...

It’s not everyday that you see a 20th Century screen legend coming out of McDonalds with a coffee…



June 1, 2011

The first cut

the first cut

Well it’s got to that time of year again; no sooner have all the Calves arrived than the farmers have to turn their attention to Silage cutting.  The above picture is the field behind our house, but it could be anywhere in West Cork or rural Ireland at the moment.  Late into the night tractors, trailers and giant forage harvesters are hurtling along country lanes and boreens (as I discovered coming back from Dunmanway yesterday evening)!

Today the above field is bare except for hundreds of crows – I’m not sure what they are all so excited about so if anyone would be able to tell me that would be great.

Of course we are all affected by the seasons and routines of the year and all the ‘interesting’ weather we have here, but none more so than the farmers.  It must be very stressful for them at times and it is interesting to see how among all the farmers I know how well they cope with that stress.  Those that have a strong faith and trust in God find a help and support that I would think is absolutely essential for dealing with such demanding work.  May God bless and be with them all at this time.