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June 1, 2011

The first cut

the first cut

Well it’s got to that time of year again; no sooner have all the Calves arrived than the farmers have to turn their attention to Silage cutting.  The above picture is the field behind our house, but it could be anywhere in West Cork or rural Ireland at the moment.  Late into the night tractors, trailers and giant forage harvesters are hurtling along country lanes and boreens (as I discovered coming back from Dunmanway yesterday evening)!

Today the above field is bare except for hundreds of crows – I’m not sure what they are all so excited about so if anyone would be able to tell me that would be great.

Of course we are all affected by the seasons and routines of the year and all the ‘interesting’ weather we have here, but none more so than the farmers.  It must be very stressful for them at times and it is interesting to see how among all the farmers I know how well they cope with that stress.  Those that have a strong faith and trust in God find a help and support that I would think is absolutely essential for dealing with such demanding work.  May God bless and be with them all at this time.