Two hundred years old

Church of the Ascension Timoleague

Last week we had a special occasion in the life of the parish – the Bicentenary of the Church of the Ascension in Timoleague.  It was great to welcome the Bishop, the Clerks Choral choir and lots of friends and visitors.  The Bishop in his sermon reminded us that the problems faced by people two hundred years ago are not all that different to those of today – and of course the mission of the Church remains the same as it always has been, to live out and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ near and far…


2 Comments to “Two hundred years old”

  1. Oh what a lovely church you have at Timoleague, so unusual with its exquisite murals! I believe they were payed for by the Maharaja of Gwallior in memory of his doctor, who came from the parish. Do tell us something of the background of this man, who must have been someone rather special!

    • Thanks Joc, yes it is a very beautiful building – all the more so because the outside looks so ordinary. More detail is in the pipeline and will post soon. Blessings, Daniel.

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