My favourite ‘mixed idiom’ (I had to look up what it was called) is “Scratching the tip of the iceberg”, which is a great combination of ‘Scratching the surface’ and ‘The tip of the iceberg’.  Of course it means that really you have only the tiniest sense of what something is like or may become.  This is how I would describe our day out in Paris at the beginning of the month.  Thanks to a family we had met earlier in the summer we found a wonderful campsite on the edge of the city, which was the perfect base from which to make our day trip.  Catching the double-decker train into the city was an exciting start to the day and we soon arrived at the station nearest the Eiffel Tower.  When we saw the large queues forming we were grateful for the advice which we had taken to pre-book tickets on the internet.


I just had to take a picture of these two characters – they might be gangsters at home, but here they are just tourists like everyone else…


Not a bad view…


If you wanted to you could spend a lot of time walking; we took the easier option of a boat trip along the river Seine, a great way to see many of the sights such as the Louvre, Notre Dame and so on.

This chap was interesting – in “The Great Flood” of 1910 the water level rose as high as his beard!


We made the obligatory stop at a street Café…

watched the pigeons…


It was a long, tiring but very enjoyable day…


On the way back to our campsite we noticed grapes growing over a garden fence, something we are not used to seeing back in West Cork!

Yes we really only did “scratch the tip of the iceberg” of this wonderful city – God willing we will be back another day…


8 Comments to “Paris”

  1. Some great photos there Daniel – I especially like the viewing point one. I’ve never been to Paris, but it looks really interesting!

    • Thanks Gary – a great place for you to take Mrs McFlurry – you’d get lots of brownie points for that I’m sure :-)

  2. Beautiful! love the Eiffel in puddle! x

  3. I loved Paris when I went on my first and only visit to Europe back in 1983! These shots bring back memories. I especially love that first photo – very artistic!

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