Beach near Garranefeen, Kilbrittain, Co. Cork

One of the best methods of stress-busting I know is to find a beach, (preferably a deserted one and ideally on a cold windy wintery day) and just walk.   In this place of wind, water and waves, prayer is never too far away…

5 Comments to “Reconnect”

  1. You are correct.!! Walking in a beach really gives a high level of pleasant to me, which I habituated on 15-20 years back. Still I use to go beach on every Sunday (bit difficult for me on other days) although it’s a different beach than earlier days…. In fact, your picture is also absolutely stunning :-)

  2. It is a lovely photo Daniel … I think the sea is in the blood of us all …

    • Thanks Patrick – you’ve reminded me of an old fisherman I know of whom it is said that ‘he has salt water running in his veins!”

  3. Thanks for this Daniel. I live in Cornwall and being surrounded by the sea and able to walk on a beach is a wonderful gift that I am ever grateful for. What you say about prayer is so true too .
    Beautiful photo

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