Rosses Point

The two headlands of Sligo bay are Strandhill to the south and Rosses Point to the north.  Strandhill is arguably the more ‘happening’ place, with a strong surfing community, more noise, bigger waves, and lots more seaweed!  Rosses Point is more genteel, more Jazz or Folk to Strandhill’s Rock ‘n Roll.  Both are great places and depending upon one’s mood one will be preferable to the other…

For the few days that we stayed at Rosses Point campsite, the weather followed a regular pattern; during the day it would be cloudy with a bit of rain here and there and then in the evening the clouds would scatter and the sun would apologise for its lack of visibility during the day by putting on a spectacular sunset.  On the occasion of the above photo, I was very grateful to the local yacht club for sending out a few boats to make the photo more interesting!  I can’t think of a more beautiful evening to learn how to sail.  The Sun cast a golden glow over everything so that it was hard at times to distinguish where the sea ended and the sky began… (See photo on Flickr here).

This statue, entitled “Waiting on Shore”, is one of the more famous landmarks of the area.  (See photo on Flickr here).  A plaque at the base reads:

This sculpture reflects the age-old anguish of a seafaring people who watched and waited for the safe return of loved ones.  The men and women of Rosses Point Parish have a proud history of courage and survival of loss and grief that should not be forgotten by future generations.

It is to honour the memory of these brave people who once lived, sailed, or were lost at sea, that this woman, cast in bronze, stands today on our headland.

Lost at sea, lost at sea or in the evening tide, we loved you, we miss you may God with you abide.

A front row seat for this evening’s performance… (See photo on Flickr here).

7 Comments to “Rosses Point”

  1. Beautiful, I love the one of the seat looking over the waters..what a view!

  2. Hello Daniel, We are a small print company, Tiger Print, in Sligo. We were wondering, would you mind if we were to use the photo of the statue in Rosses Point, on the cover of a small memorial card. I can send you a low res proof of the card is you wish to see it. It would be a one off use of the photograph. Thank you for your kind assistance. Sean

    • Hi Sean,

      Thank you for getting in touch. Please can you let me know the number of cards you will print and how much you will charge for them.


  3. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted
    to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    After all I’ll be subscribing in your rss feed and I am hoping
    you write once more soon!

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