Douarnenez marina at dusk


We had joined an evening walk led by a local guide, walking the narrow and winding paths along the beautiful coastline, we ambled our way into Douarnanez as the sun was setting.  It’s a town full of character and history; an interesting juxtaposition of it’s Communist past (yes really) with Soviet-style housing blocks sitting uncomfortably amongst otherwise typically French provincial architecture.  There was a yachting festival taking place, so the marina was full and busy, however by the time we got there most had retired to one of the many roadside bars and cafés.

One of the challenges with photography is narrowing the gap between what your eyes see and what the camera ‘sees’.  In this case the exposure came out quite flat and the colours muted compared to what I remembered from being there.  Using Lightroom I brought the colours and white balance back to to as close as I can remember.

Info: Nikon D7000, 18-55 vr lens @ 18mm ISO 800, 1/125 sec, NEF file processed in Lightroom 4

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