Walking home


Silhouetted against the evening sun, he walks angled with a limp. Even so, he walks quickly and with a definite purpose; he knows where he is going. Is he going home? I guess so, but will there be anyone to greet him, a wife to ask how his day was, or someone else with whom to share the contents of his carrier bag?

I shall never know the answer, but I pray that he was walking home to more than just the brightness of the evening sun; that his home would be a place that is full of light, life and laughter, peace, hope and joy.

Everyone deserves a home to go to, a refuge from the world outside, a sanctuary where one can truly be oneself. Or as the old saying goes, ‘home is where the heart is.’  May that be so for each one of us.

8 Comments to “Walking home”

  1. excellent picture – but he’ll be going straight to hospital if he doesn’t get off the road…:-)

  2. Great photo Daniel. I loved your prayer and wish that the man’s home would be a place that is full of light, life and laughter, peace, hope and joy.

    Not all are so fortunate. Going home to emptiness, with nobody to share the stories of the day or the people you met on the way, is cold comfort.

    So many live alone these days and it is not by choice. Families move away for work or to start their own dynasties. Life becomes busy and no matter how much modern technology we have these days, there are times when only a real, warm hug will do!

    May you never be without warm hearted hugs!

  3. Sorry, Ignore my first comment…I was flippant. Going home to an empty house with no-one to share your day with must be terrible.

  4. Daniel, I didn’t mean to sound so gloomy. Perhaps it is the season of ‘Harvest’ that made me think. People willing bring a bag of goodies to church (very worthy) but how many are prepared to to give the real gift of an hour once a week to visit someone living alone? Sometimes in the giving we gain knowledge and wisdom of long years experiences.

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