I have always loved taking photographs ever since I was old enough to hold a camera. I chose the Blog title “Imprints of Light” because that is what photographs are, literally the light coming through the lens and imprinting an image onto the digital sensor (or film). There is also a parallel with God’s Light in us, as He transforms us and shapes us through the inworking of His Holy Spirit, scattering the darkness of our hearts… I’m married to Sonja (who crops up in many blogs posts under the pseudonym of “my better half”) and we have two lively boys! After twelve years serving as a Rector in Co. Cork, I now work as a School Chaplain in Dublin. Most of the pictures here were / are taken in the course of travelling around, either with work or on holiday. (Obviously, the postings on this blog reflect only my personal views; they do not necessarily represent the views or the official position of the Church of Ireland or of St. Columba’s College.) Thank you for reading this –I hope you enjoy the blog …

5 Comments to “About”

  1. I would like to send you an email concerning an entry on your blog, do you have a private email address?
    many thanks

  2. Hi Daniel, I would like to send you an email regarding the picture you took from Ballybrannigan strand.

  3. Can you forward me on an email address or phone number please. Thanks

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