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May 13, 2011

Window (on the past)

I must have passed this window dozens of times and never really noticed it before.  It is on the road between Timoleague and Kilmalooda – ‘in the middle of nowhere’, you might say!  As far as I can tell the cottage is no longer lived in and yet the owner has gone to the trouble of putting a pot of flowers on the windowsill.  It reminds me of ‘Old Ireland’, of days different to these.  Of course for all the romantic notions of yesteryear we know there was much that was bad about Old Ireland, and in so many ways the Ireland of today (despite its many faults) is a better place to live.  But still, I sometimes wish I could time-travel and experience the days when living in cottages like this was the norm and when people had more time and when the world was in less of a hurry than it is now…

November 28, 2008

Back already!

Nikon D70s, 1/125 sec, f5.6, ISO 200, +1 and -1EV combined, 37mm Equivalent,
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I can’t ever remember a week going so quickly! We had a great holiday in Sligo, renting a cottage (not the one in the above picture) and doing little other than walking and playing on deserted beaches. Of course we took the opportunity also to make a trip to Enniskillen to buy what seemed to us from the “Rip-off Republic” incredibly cheap groceries!