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September 11, 2009

We’re moving Parish – initial thoughts…

Well I don’t know how to write it so I’ll just put the words down as they come to me. We are moving. Yes, I can’t believe it, but this place which has become our home we will soon be saying farewell to. It is exciting but it is also very sad to be leaving behind such a wonderful bunch of people. It was hard to phone parishioners and tell them the news, folk who have been there for me and my family in so many ways over the past six and a half years that we have had the privilege to be here.

But do you know what, I never felt so appreciated in my work as when I made the phone calls. People reminded me of weddings, baptisms, funerals (oh there have been so many, too many of those) and other high and low points in their lives where I had some privileged access or responsible part to play. To be involved in so many lives, often in very painful, stressful or joyous times is an incredible (here’s that word again) privilege.

It’s impossible therefore not to get really attached to people and so it will be very hard to say good bye. What can you do though, when you feel with such clarity in your spirit that it is time for a move? When God is so clearly leading, one is compelled to follow.

As we move west to Kilgariffe Union (Clonakilty) we will be sad, but we will also be very excited at a new beginning, so many opportunities ahead, new people to get to know, a new home to live in and all the many minute changes to every day life that on their own don’t amount to much but put all together form a quite different life to the one that was lived before.

I’m sure I will read over this tomorrow and not understand a word I wrote, but this is a big thing for me and my family and it’s going to take some getting used to. To be both sad and excited at the same time is a strange feeling…