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March 18, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother and child Zebra at Fota Wildlife Park

Mother and Joey


August 8, 2010

Big Mamma!

Big Mamma!

A recent trip to Kennedy’s farm in Co. Kerry proved to be a wonderful day out, (once we had come to terms with the entrance fee).

The pigs were amongst my favourite animals there; there were half a dozen or more piglets running around and then there was the mother pig, who was rather grumpy – I can understand why they are called Sows!  Though grumpy, she mattered an awful lot to the little piglet shown in the picture above, he followed her around, when she lay down, so did he, when she got up to rummage for more food, he did the same.  Sometimes though he got too close and was then chased to the other side of the sty.  Perhaps not the most doting mother, but to this piglet she was his world.

Of course this got me thinking about motherhood.  Not that as a man, a son and a father myself I would have the slightest clue, but not having a clue about something has never stopped me writing about it before!  I look at our own children and see, that for them, mummy is their world.  Whenever they need something, whether it be food, drink, a plaster or comforting, daddy will do, but really mummy is the number one choice.  Why?  Because she is mummy and because she has all the God-given qualities necessary for this important role.  There is a very special bond between mother and child that, even as the years go by and mothers become grandmothers never goes away.  I still have a close bond with my mother, even though we do not get to see each other (other than on Skype) very often.  There is something very special (and of God) in all of this, a bond that transcends time and distance.

I can’t help but think of Mary’s relationship with the Lord Jesus, but I simply am not able to fathom how despairingly, darkly, impossibly difficult it must have been for her to see her son being crucified.  I think of Jesus’ words to her, recorded in John 19:

When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, “Dear woman, here is your son,” and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.

In a significant sense, Mary was no longer Jesus’ mother, but in a way beyond our understanding they would be together in eternity (along with all believers).  In the meantime, Jesus gave her another son, the apostle John, in order that they might look after each other.  How amazing it is that the Lord was able to think of his mother in this way even whilst he was suffering the way he was.  She must have been quite a mother and he quite a son.

May 19, 2010

Follow me!

Olympus OM-1, G.Zuiko 35mm f2.8, Ilford FP4 plus, (developed in Ilfosol 3, 6 mins @ 24o)

We had great fun watching this mother duck and her ducklings (all twelve of them) make their way from a stream then across a road and finally into the lake at Fota recently.  At the first attempt the mother just hopped out and charged off and then realised that there were no little ones following her.  They were left stranded because the bank was too high for them to jump up.  So the mother duck had to go back and lead them to a place further down stream where they could climb / hop out.  Then they made their procession towards the lake as you see in the picture.  I wonder how many of these twelve cute fluffy ducklings will survive to adulthood – I expect they make a fine lunch for several different predators?

Following is not always easy but we have the perfect Leader who looks after us in ways beyond our understanding and will ultimately lead us to our final destination.  Of course we can choose to go off on our own way but that is a path where we lead ourselves to certain death.  Thankfully Jesus comes looking for us and longs to bring us back into the fold (getting into a knot of mixed metaphors here)!  But He will never force us against our will, we have to be willing to follow Him knowing that it really is the only sensible option, but more than that, it is the way to the fullness of life and love and joy and peace and forgiveness…