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February 10, 2012

Towards Duneen Point

Brooding skies over Duneen Point

Last Sunday afternoon I abandoned the Rugby match at half-time, perhaps it was the ‘Call of the Wild’, or just the fact that I never know who to support when Green meets Red.  With Camera and Tripod in the back of the car I headed down to Ring and Simon’s Cove, around the edge of Clonakilty Bay.

Photographers love light but there was not much light to love on Sunday afternoon.  Typically, long exposures were required to get any usable pictures and even then they were dull, flat and grey.  As I wandered around, clambering over rocks and dodging the slippery green patches, there would be brief moments when a gap in the clouds would let some light through – typically these abridged moments were gone again by the time I had readied the camera and tripod to take a picture.  Eventually though, as I looked across the bay for the umpteenth time, a large fissure of light broke through the dark brooding sky and lit up the sea on the far side of the bay, near Duneen Point.  I had my picture.