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December 2, 2010

Sparing a thought for Farmers

Kilmalooda Cows

Many of the Parishioners here are Farmers or in some way connected to Agriculture.  Having spoken with a couple of dairy farmers in the last few days I am getting a greater understanding of how tough this cold, icy weather can be.  Their work takes much longer in these freezing conditions, as they do everything to stop the water pipes from freezing, keeping the yard from getting too slippery and trying to prevent the cows skating around!  Then there’s loads of other stuff which to a layman like myself I wouldn’t get or understand, but nevertheless farmers have both my sympathy and my prayers at this time.

Kilmalooda Church Panorama

Yesterday I was driving (very slowly) through Kilmalooda on my way to a visit.  I had set out too early and had some time to spare so I took a few pictures.  Firstly the one at the top of the cows, (which got me thinking again about the farmers), then one of the church (or rather 21 pictures merged together to form a giant picture on the computer),

Kilmalooda road

then one of the icy road

Kilmalooda Valley and Castle

and finally one of the old raiding Castle in the valley.  For all its harshness, the snow and ice is at the same time, quite beautiful…

March 4, 2009

Snow way!

Nikon D70s, f7.1, 1/200sec, -1.33 EV, ISO 200, 27mm equivalent, (click to enlarge)

This morning we awoke to find that snow had finally arrived in our part of the world. We had watched enviously as the rest of Ireland and our friends across the water had been literally buried in the stuff a few weeks ago whilst we had had what could only be generously described as “a light dusting”.

Unfortunately, even as I write this it is melting . Such is the price for living in the semi-tropics of the Cork Riviera