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October 11, 2010

The AIB in Schull

Cape Clear Island - South Harbour
AIB Schull
On a visit to Cape Clear Island a couple of years ago a particular field on a steep slope behind the Youth Hostel was pointed out to me.  It was nothing special to look at (rougly near where the top photo was taken from).  I was told that this was the site of the former Church of Ireland church, which had been dismantled in the 1930’s – and that the stone was taken and used to build the AIB bank in Schull.  
There was a time, I am sure, when it was beyond the comprehension of the people involved that the church building would ever be dismantled and yet that time came.  It was no longer financially viable to keep the church open, numbers had fallen and the stones (which had come from Cornwall) had to be dismantled.  
There was a time too when the AIB (along with the other banks) seemed totally secure.  Banks (like churches) were built with stone to convey solidity, security and permanency.  Yet it seems that were it not for our children (and goodness knows how many further generations down the line that will be paying to keep the banks open for business) then they also would be going the way that the Church on Cape Clear did all those years ago…
February 27, 2009

Surely it’s just an old wall?!

Panasonic LX1, 1/320 sec, f4, ISO 80, 28mm equivalent (click to enlarge)

How interesting can an old wall be! A good question I’m sure. I was walking past the wall in the above photo and just something about it caught my attention. It might have been the texture of the ancient stone or the way the overcast conditions gave an even tone and light – I really don’t know. When looking at the original colour picture on my computer screen I thought it deserved a gritty, grainy treatment to emphasise the textures a bit more.

You may know my style by now – of at least trying to see the hand of God at work in all things. What came to mind here? Well I could do no better than be reminded of the traditional canticle at morning prayer (yes that one ;-)

We have a strong city: salvation will God appoint for walls and bulwarks.
(Isaiah 26:1)