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December 14, 2010

Photographic notepad

I heard of someone who was forever complaining that they had their best ideas in the middle of the night, but of course the ideas themselves were long forgotten by the morning.

Someone else suggested to them that they leave a pen and paper beside the bed to write down these great ideas so they could be read In the morning. This was duly done but the problem was that, what was in the middle of the night thought to be an earth-shattering brainwave turned out, in the cold light of day, to just be a load of gibberish scrawled across the page!

I can’t tell you the number if times I have come across what I thought would make a good photograph, (with the light just right), only for the moment to be gone by the time I have got the camera to hand and ready to take the picture. Sometimes you come across a moment and it is a very fleeting moment, the light will not wait for you, you have to be quick. That is perhaps one of the reasons why mobile phones have become so popular now for taking pictures; we nearly always have them on us and in no time at all they can take a picture of whatever it is that has caught our eye.

Of course, so often the image is then very disappointing when we look at it on our computer screen later on, but just occasionally it comes out ok. Mobile phone cameras have come on a long way (though i.m.h.o. not yet as good as a dedicated compact camera, the image sensor is just too small). They are like photographic note pads, great for ideas and sketches and there have been many times when I have been glad of one…

By the way this blog post was written on and all the photos taken using my mobile phone – hence the strange formatting :-)

May 27, 2010

I won?

It all happened a couple of weeks ago. Every year the General Synod of the Church of Ireland awards prizes for web sites, magazines etc. This year my blog won a prize. I have to say that when I look at my colleagues’ blogs (links to the right) they really are very good. They write very interesting and thought provoking posts which are often supplemented by excellent media including video and photographs. It must be hard to make a judgement between them all. As there have been different winners each year (as long as I’ve been blogging anyway) I think they must be sharing the prizes around a bit, which is nice – because, honestly, they all deserve to win.

My prize arrived in the post this morning – a £40 Eason’s voucher, which is wonderful, though I hope they accept sterling vouchers in Cork otherwise it will be a very long drive to spend it!

Thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement. I would have given up a long time ago without it :-)

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January 1, 2010

New Year’s Day in "the Kingdom"

It’s -4 degrees C here in Kerry. Tqhe air is so cold, crisp and clear, it’s a beautiful day to bring in the new year.

(Photos taken using an iPhone from the bridge at Blennerville.)

November 9, 2009

Still Alive

In case any of you were wondering if I’d disappeared without trace I’m still here, though my only Internet connection so far is through my mobile phone. I have lots to write about our move to this wonderful place in west Cork but not using a phone keypad!

In the meantime here’s a photo I took on the way into church in Timoleague yesterday morning…