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April 29, 2011

Land of heart’s desire

We have just returned from a wonderful few days camping in Sligo and even the seven-and-a-half hour drive home has not taken too much away from the enjoyment of it all. Inspired by being in ‘Yeats Country’, these words come to mind:

“… Land of Heart’s Desire,
Where beauty has no ebb,
decay no flood,
But joy is wisdom,
Time an endless song…”

When surrounded by such natural beauty there is however brief, however imperfect a glimpse of that which is beyond this life; where there shall be no ebb or decay, but an endless song of worship of the One by whom all things came into being…

I apologise to any W.B.Yeats purists who will know that my quote is somewhat out of context, but it is what came to mind as I was trying to photograph Ben Bulben with my newly acquired medium format camera (pictures will be a while as I have to send the films away in the post to be developed). In the meantime here’s some pictures I took with my phone :-)

Ben Bulben from Rosses Point

A bit still for sailing!


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